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HanRiver cine polis

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HanRiver cine polis

Hangang Cine Polis Development

Project Overview
  • Location: Hyangsan-ri & Geolpo-dong area of Gochon-eup, Gimpo-si
  • Area: 1,121,000 ㎡ (approx. 1.12 million m2)
  • Duration: 2009 ~ 2017
  • Project Entity: Han River Cine Polis Development.
What is cinepolis?

Cinepolis is a portmanteau of the word cinema and the Latin suffix ‘polis’. It is a cultural city based on a new concept combining cultural business with the city. It refers to reconnecting cultural content business as part of green growth.
It delivers the cultural content business of broadcast institute-centers, commercial business-related industries, conventions for play and display, living spaces for workers, and academies to train personnel

Business content

Formation of a multiplex space related to business and creative cores. Forming a self-sufficient area for creation, production, and consumption (design valley zone, core business zone, hotel and conference zone, academy zone, creation studio, riverfront zone, waterfront creation zone, theme park zone.
Building a self-sufficient corporate town with a range of cultural content based on the ICT field and high-tech media content.

Location and special quality.

The Han river cinepolis is accessible from the Seoul, lncheon, and Bucheon Metropolitan areas. It has better access to transportation, is 30 min. from Incheon airport,10 min. from Gimpo airport, and 20 min. from Yeuido.
It features the main gate to Gimpo’s Kyeongin Ala cannal. The Han river waterfront area can be accessed thanks to its excellent location. It offers more competitive pricing than similar businesses from other local governments.

Status of Project
  • 12.23.2011 : Gyeonggi Province approves a general industrial complex plan for Hangang Cine Polis
  • 12.11.2014 : Established special purpose company (SPC) and asset management corporation (AMC)
  • 12.29.2014 : Applied for modified project plan with Gyeonggi Province
  • 02.12.2015 : Public notice of modified project plan
  • 02.26.2015 : Conducted joint explanation session on modified project plan
  • 04.02.2015 : Launched investigation obstacles in preparation for compensation
  • 06.25.2015 : Screening of Gyeonggi Province landscape
  • 08.10.2015 : Completed consultation on environmental preservation under the environmental impact assessment system
  • 10.05.2015 : Received approval for modified business operator and project period with Gyeonggi Province
  • 03.28.2016 : Notification of compensation plan
  • 03.29.2016 : Public notice of modified development plan
  • 06.16.2016 : Passed comprehensive screening of Gyeonggi Province industrial complex
  • 02.07.2017 : Completed consultation with the Capital Regional Adjustment Committee
  • 03.08.2017 : Notification of modified business plan for industrial complex
Future Plans
  • 05.2017 : Consultation on loss compensation for industrial complex
  • Second half of 2017 : Launch construction of industrial complex
  • Late 2019 : Complete industrial complex

※ Schedule may be subject to change according to the alteration in public notification of the modified industrial complex project

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