About Gimpo


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Dear visitors;
This is Ha-young Jung, the mayor of Gimpo.
I would like to sincerely welcome all of you the City of Gimpo.

I will open the road to the future.
I will do the legwork with the proud people of Gimpo open the road.
Bongsangaedo usugagyo.

If a mountain blocks our way, I will build a road through it;
if a body of water obstructs our path, I will build a bridge.

I am pleased to meet you.
This is Ha-young Jung, the mayor of Gimpo City.
First off, I would like to sincerely welcome the visiting city residents and netizens to the Gimpo City’s official website.

The 7th popularly elected Gimpo City administration will double the city’s value by taking full responsibility for the livelihood of the people in order to reduce their hardships.
The administration will also strive to boost Gimpo’s potential as a city to dramatically improve upon the quality of life for all residents.
I will do my best to make Gimpo a city where people can feel proud and live honorably.

I ask for everyone’s active participation and interest to help build a better community.

Thank you.

Ha-young Jung, Gimpo Mayor
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